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Fines & Suspensions


Stock Charge

JC (JaQuavian) Curtis - memb ID#4399 - 
*Threatening UCR official/producer in arena - 3-16-24 Buffalo, TX -
-- Suspension from all UCR sanctioned events until 1-1-2025.

Livestock Abuse



Rules of the Association


A fair and even playing field is the goal of our numbering system.  At any point that a Roper advances past the level of his/her division, he/she will be immediately moved to the appropriate division.  If the Roper is a current member and has competed in the

last 3 months at a UCR event, he/she will get to complete the current roping prior to being moved.   The Contestant however, will not get to finish the weekend or series at that number, only the current Roping, this will be at all ropings during the year including the Finals.


If it is the first time that a Roper is competing at a UCR Event or hasn’t competed in the last 3 months and needs to be moved, we feel that the Roper was competing in the wrong division and will not get to complete the current competition.  The Contestant’s fees will either be returned or moved up to the correct division.  It will be at the stock contractor’s discretion if a stock charge will be assessed on the “Trial Runs.”


Fighting or conduct that is deemed inappropriate will result in immediate 6 month suspension (or suspension period deemed appropriate at that time by the association).  A 2nd offense will result in being banned from the association.   Inappropriate behavior and livestock abuse will not be tolerated.


Arena Rules


Rules in the Arena


Competitor must rope the calf, dismount, throw the calf by hand, and cross and tie 3 legs.   The horse and contestant must start behind a mechanical/electronic barrier

giving the calf a fair head start.   Roping the calf is catch as catch can. Meaning the

rope must be in contact with the calf when the contestant touches him. Once the roper has made contact with the calf and the rope is also in contact with the calf, this rule has been satisfied.  The calf must remain in control of the roper and cannot be chased down.  A no time will be issued if the calf gains his freedom at any point during the contest.   Throwing the calf by hand consists of the calf standing upright on at least 3 legs or the calf can be helped up and must have no less than 3 legs dangling straight down given the opportunity to stand. A calf is considered thrown by hand if the roper

has 'Hands On' the calf before the calf falls.   A tie is considered legal when at least 3 legs are crossed, there is a wrap around no less than 3 legs and a Half Hitch or Hooey.

If the tie comes loose or 3 legs do not remain crossed before the judge rules a

complete run, a no time will be awarded.    Once the contestant calls for time by

throwing his hands in the air, he may no longer assist the run by touching his pigging string nor his rope. He may not work his horse by waving his arms or making noises

with his mouth. All will result in a disqualification.   


Cattle will be chute ran in all UCR numbered ropings and breakaway.   Once the calf is

in the chute that calf belongs to that roper.   If the calf is let out accidentally for any reason that calf will be brought back for that roper. 


In the case of accident prevention or animal safety, a contestant may remove or cut his rope and his time will be awarded. Any outside assistance will be a disqualification.

The judge will not only ask the contestant if assistance is necessary, but also at any point when the judge deems necessary, he may call in outside assistance for the safety of both the contestant and the livestock.

***In all of our Ropings, we will be adding a new Rule to Level the playing Field concerning the manner in which we call for our cattle.  A Roper must call for his calf

from the corner of the box, even in a Lap-n-Tap situation.  *** (Added at beginning of 2020-2021 Roping Season)

There is a 30 second time limit, with the exception of the #15, 13 and #12 which have

a 60 second time limit.  (This time limit is set to protect the livestock, not to penalize

the ropers)    Once the contestant has mounted after completion of the run, he must

ride forward putting slack in the rope for 6 seconds. If slack is taken out of the rope by either the calf or the horse, time will be stopped and started over once slack is returned to the rope. If the slack is intentionally taken out by the contestant, a no time will be awarded.   If a calf fails to reach the score line, the calf will be rerun and all penalties incurred on the run will remain on the contestant's time. If a calf is injured prior to competition, or deemed uncompetable by the judge or producer, a rerun on the extra

will be awarded without penalties.   If a calf leaves the boundaries of the arena, the time will be stopped at the time of departure (if no time is recorded we will use the statutory time of 2 seconds), the calf will be returned to the chute, and then the run will be completed lap and tap with the time starting when the calf breaks the plane of the chute to the completion of the run. Those two times being added together.   The line judge will be in charge of judging the barrier and judging the nod. If the barrier fails to work, it will be at the discrepancy of the line judge to award a penalty.  The line judge will evaluate the opening of the chute in conjunction with the contestant's nod. If a foul is incurred by either a 'Bad Gate' or by the neck rope, the contestant must declare and the judge will decide if a rerun will be awarded.  The contestant can declare by pulling up and not competing on the calf.  If a rerun is awarded, the drawn calf will be returned to the

chute for the rerun.  ***New for 2023-2024 Roping Season   -  A 1 minute time limit to get horse in the box and ready will be enforced as needed***

** Abuse of Livestock (Horses or Cattle) will not be tolerated.

Fines will be assessed according to the level of the violation.  A second occurrence of Livestock abuse will be a suspension from the Association for 6 months along with an extensive fine, a third violation will be a lifetime ban from all UCR events **


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