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**A few notes as you get ready to head to Vegas**

****** It is your responsibility to check the livestock requirements for each state that you will be entering.

 The state Department of Agriculture is the best source of information.

 For Nevada:

 Nevada Department of Agriculture

 Phone: (775) 353-3601



 1.  Health Certificate - Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (valid for 30 days from date of issuance)

 2.  Negative Coggins (ELISA or AGID) within 12 months prior to entry.  

 3.  Proof of ownership

     (brand inspection certificate, bill of sale, registration papers, Coggins test result form).

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A few items as we start the new roping season:


#15 Roping :

**As of 6-1-23: After careful review of the Roper Requested changes it has been determined that the rule regarding getting calves up in the #15 must be reinstated.   Therefore, the rule will go back to: ropers in the #15 will receive a penalty of 2 seconds added for not "getting the calf up" (only ropers 80 years and over will be exempt from this penalty)

*There will be ropers in this division that have an "Incentive" of either 1 or 2 seconds off their time on each run, those Incentive ropers will be determined by the association in the #15 division only and listed under roper numbers.

*The time will be considered "good" for the ropers in this division once the roper has called for time and stepped away from the calf. (no 6 second rule)***

**As of 5-8-23 after Hamilton, TX roping there will NOT be a cap on the 15 roping; the rules regarding moving ropers with times too fast will be the same as the other divisions (if a roper ties a calf 2 seconds faster than the time allowed in that roping (15 seconds for the 15 roping - any 13 second run or faster) then the roper will have their name added to the watch list, and when that roper has been on that watch list 3-5 times (as determined by UCR in this division) they will be moved to the next division)


All Ropings:

*There will be 5 ropings during the year that a roper can win a "Bonus Finals Position" - This Bonus Position will be in addition to the usual Finals Position won during the year or at the Prelims.   These will be awarded at the following ropings: Memorial Day in Stephenville, TX; July 4th Weekend in Glen Rose, TX; Labor Day in Stephenville, TX; October in San Angelo, TX; and New Year's in Hamilton, TX .***

*1 minute time limit to get horse in the box and ready will be enforced as needed.

**$100 membership can either be paid in full at first roping or in payments ($50 first payment, followed by 2 payments of $25) 

      (in order to update our files we will be asking each roper to complete a new membership form)

***Ropers must have attended at least 5 roping days during the year to be eligible to rope in the Finals Ropings (Prelims can count as number 5 in that roping count)***


Ultimate Calf Roping Online Entry 

To pre-enter simply fill out our Online entry form.

If you would like to pay for your entry online please visit:

Payments close Wednesday night prior to each event.

Last to Enter First To Rope

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Junior Online Pre-entry form for jackpots only 

To pre-enter simply fill out our Online entry form.

If you would like to pay for your entry online please visit:

Payments close Wednesday night prior to each event.

Last to Enter First To Rope


For Junior World Finals Information

Contact (972) 978-4814 for more information

- enter side-pots

- purchase membership



Ultimate Calf  Roping


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