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A few new items for the UCR 2024-2025 Season:


We are so excited to announce that UCR will be going back to Vegas again this year and taking 20 in each division!!

$15 per entry during the year (up until October 31) will be collected for the Finals ($5 of that $15 going to the Vegas Roping of that Division, $5 going to the Top 25 Roping of that Division and $5 going to the Finals Roping of that division) **After October 31 it will just be the $10 per entry for the Top 25 & Finals**

The top 20 in the standings of each division (#15, #13, #12, #11.5, #11, #10, #9 and Handicap BA) as of October 31, 2024 will have the opportunity to go rope in Vegas December 9-10, 2024. 

(roper must have attended at least 7 days of roping by Oct 31 to be eligible)

2025 Finals: Ropers must have attended at least 10 roping days during the year to be eligible to rope in the Finals Ropings (Prelims can count as number 10 in that roping count, the Finals do not count in that 10)


4-D Breakaway – This is a roping for all women.  Men holding a current #15, #13 or #12 tiedown classification are also eligible to rope in the 4-D BA. 


#13: All women ropers are eligible to be classified or reviewed  to rope in the #13 division based on ability level. 


Entry Fees: $200 for 3-headers + $10 finals fee ($15 until Vegas) / $250 for 4-headers + $10 finals fee ($15 until Vegas)



Production Fees: The Production Charge at all ropings (including the Finals) will be $30/run ($20 stock charge). 





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