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Webb Roping Productions

Webb Roping Productions Junior World Finals
Breakaway & Tiedown Schedule



Webb Roping Productions is the sanctioned producer for the

Breakaway & Tiedown for the Junior World Finals.


The Junior World Finals have several producers that are responsible for the different events. We all work together to present the Junior World Finals at the Las Vegas Convention Center in December in conjunction with the National Finals Rodeo.


Due to scheduling requirements for the Las Vegas Convention Center and to accommodate the needs of all Junior World Finals producers & participants there will be schedule changes this year.


The Breakaway & Tiedown has been moved to the first week of the Junior World Finals - December 7th-11th.


We plan to award a Champion every day and not have a Championship Saturday this year to help minimize conflicts.


As you know we always do our best to prevent conflicts and are willing to accommodate and compromise to make situations optimal for our contestants and parents. We do our best to communicate with contestants, parents, and other producers.

Therefore, we are communicating this with you as soon as we were notified of the required changes. We have also communicated with other producers that have events in Vegas during this time frame in hopes that we could work together to make it the best for all involved.


We do not want this to be a negative effect for anyone. Our goal with the early communication of the required changes was to establish a plan, to the best of our ability, with no over-lapping or conflicts for our families.


Here is our planned schedule for now. Again we are willing to rearrange some age groups to make things better for our contestants and their families if the need arises. However, we do not have the flexibility to change dates or times, where other producers might be able to. We have the arena available for Breakaway & Tiedown, Thursday, December 7th to Monday, December 11th from 9-11 am daily.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope everything will work out.


Please share this information with other roping families you know that may be impacted and be mindful of this as you plan to qualify to compete in Vegas this year.


We will communicate further updates to the schedule in the event there are changes.


Thank you in advance for your understanding!

                                                                                                                                                                           January 26, 2023

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