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Webb Roping Productions

Junior World Finals

2024 Qualifier Guidelines


           10 & Under Girls & Boys Breakaway           12 & Under Tiedown

           12 & Under Girls & Boys Breakaway           15 & Under Tiedown

           15 & Under Girls Breakaway                      19 & Under Tiedown

           19 & Under Girls Breakaway 

        Age as of January 1st, 2024 -

        Contestants may only qualify one time per age division. 

        Contestants may compete in more than one age group.

        A birth certificate must be submitted with the membership form.

        Required $100 Membership -

        Contestants must pay a one-time yearly membership of $100,

        prior to competing in their first qualifying event.


        How to Qualify

        1st place average winner of each qualifying event, per age

        division, automatically qualifies to compete at the Junior

        World Finals (must be a member & must have paid

        $50 side-pot fee).  In the event, that the average winner

        is not a member and did not pay the side-pot fee, or has

        already qualified, we will drop down to the next member

        with paid side-pot in the average to fill the qualification

        average position.

        Points will be assigned at each qualifying event

        throughout the season. 


        We plan to take 35 ropers for each age division

        to the Junior World Finals.                    

        We have the right to adjust this number, if situations arise

        that would require us to do so. 

        These 35 ropers will be:

        - the average winner from each qualifying event

          (with paid membership & side-pot)

        - National Champions (NJHRA & NHSRA Breakaway & Tiedown) 

        - the remaining spots will be filled with the top year-end

           point winners

         - We have the right to adjust this, if situations arise

           that would require us to do so.

       The National Champions will be placed in the appropriate age     

       division determined by their birth dates. 

       The National Champions must purchase a membership prior

        to competing at the Junior World Finals. 

       All qualifiers must complete the required paperwork & have 

       entry fees paid by the assigned deadline. 

       If a qualifier chooses not to enter the Junior World Finals,

       a replacement will be chosen.

       After all qualifying events are completed, we will announce the

       top year-end point winners. 

       In the event, that a member has already qualified,

       we will drop down in the year-end points to the next position

       until all places are filled.

       Points will be awarded to members

       that paid to enter the side-pot, as follows:


       Average                      Rounds                    Short-Go

       1st – 9 points              1st – 6 points          (if applicable) 

       2nd – 8 points             2nd – 5 points         1st - 3 points

       3rd – 7 points             3rd – 4 points         2nd – 2 points

       4th – 6 points             4th – 3 points         3rd – 1 point

       5th – 5 points             5th – 2 points

       6th – 4 points             6th – 1 point   

       If the qualifying event allows you to enter twice,

       you must pay to enter the side-pot for both entries. 

       You will only receive points for the highest total entry. 

       The other points will not count.  

      The #1 Back Number will be awarded to the roper with

       the most year-end points. 

       Ties will be broken according to the roper that competed

       at the most events.

Here is what it took to qualify last year -

 the Breakaway & Tiedown

qualifiers that competed in
2023 Junior World Finals!!

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