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Somervell County Expo 

202 Bo Gibbs Blvd (W Hwy 67)

Glen Rose, TX 76043

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The Ultimate Finals

                             ***New for 2022-2023 Season***

There will be 2 Saddles given at the Finals for each Division; the Year End World Champion will receive a Saddle and the Finals Roping Winner will win a Saddle!!

(along with the other prizes)

#9 and 4-D Breakaway will have a guaranteed Added Money to the Finals Ropings ($5,000 to the 4-D BA and $2,500 to the #9)

The Ultimate Finals Ropings are very similar to the Showdown Ropings, and the qualifications are listed below.  The Added Money from the Memberships is added to

this roping and based upon the # of members in each division. (If there are 200

members (full membership required) in the #10, then there will be $10,000 added to

this roping and a Saddle will be given to the Average Winner of this roping.)

***The Added Money at the Finals will be placed in a SidePot that everyone attending

at least 10 Ropings throughout the year will be eligible for (Each Roping Entered will count as 1).  $10 per entry during the year will be collected for the Finals ($5 of that $10 going to the Top 25 Roping of that Division and $5 going to the Finals Roping of that division) The $5 added to each Roping is designated for non-sponsored portion of the prizeline, the remaining amount of the $5 per entry pot will be added to the added money from the memberships of the ropers in that division.  Ropers that have only

gone to a couple have not paid in and therefore will not be eligible for that SidePot. 

They will, however, be eligible for the main pot and the prizes that go along with the Finals Roping.  The Saddle given away in the Finals Roping will also be held for

the Eligible Ropers.***

Ways to get a Finals Position

Win a roping – no limit to the number of ropers entered
Win Second at a roping with 25 or more entered.
Win Third at a roping with 50 or more entered. (3 is the max number in a roping)

Attend 7 ropings - Each day counts separately (Sat and Sun would be 2 days).  

Also, at ropings when there are 3 headers and 2 headers in one Saturday

   each roping will count separately (enter the 3 header and 2 header and it would

         count as 2 days).

Win a position, possibly a second position, by being in the top 15 of the preliminary roping. (Places 1 thru 15 will have a position but will be required to pay entry fee).

A roper must only attend 1 roping to rope at the finals, but ropers can be moved

at the finals, (even if they have a finals position) unless they have attended

at least 3 different recent events (weekends).

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